May 22, 2015

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's

Next time you are looking for a good movie, let me recommend "Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's".
This documentary gives you a look into New York's most luxurious and exclusive (although they claim it's not) department store. 

Here's a quick look into the film. 

Happy Friday!

May 21, 2015

The Stripe Obsession Continues

You all know I have a major obsession with white and blue stripes. I came across this dress on ASOS earlier this week, and I had to order it. 

And then I saw this one, and I had to order it too. 

And then I just kept pursuing all the other navy and white striped things I could find. I came across this dress. It reminds me of something Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic Pacific would wear. It's crazy fabulous, but it also requires a really, really good set of abs. Not sure I could pull this off, but I am tempted to try. If only I had an occasion to wear it.

Then there is this one. It would be a great work dress....if I went to an office everyday.

And lastly, this romper is pretty fabulous. I don't own a romper, but this one is tempting me.

May 20, 2015

What I Wore...Dress for Your Day

It's Katie! And I'm back with another outfit post (two in one week!). When I first started my job three years ago, it was an interesting adjustment to being allowed to wear jeans on Fridays. In fact, I was sort of against it. Fast forward, and I've fully embraced the idea. When it comes to a dress code, I believe in "dress for your day." Obviously if I have meetings with people from outside of my organization or they'll be in our office space, I dress accordingly. But sometimes on Fridays it's just me and my work (aka catching up from the insanity of the week). And it's really nice to have the option to wear more casual attire.

Last Friday was one of those days. Friend and fellow blogger Holly of The Glossy Lemon recently wore this J. Crew Popover, and I knew it would be a great, loose-fitting top for those nasty, humid D.C. summer days (and it even comes in tall). Paired with white jeans and Cole Haan oxfords (similar here, here, and here), I was ready to get stuff done.

May 19, 2015

Meanwhile, in Cannes...

While we here at C & C are crazy for award show red carpets, there's nothing like the Cannes Film Festival for a little fashion pick me up. Not nearly as well-covered as the Oscars, Golden Globes, or Met Gala, Cannes is like Christmas in May for me. Not only do you get amazing gowns, but some pretty awesome celebrity "resort wear" (aka, not what you and I are wearing in a beach side town). Here are a few of my favorites so far (it runs until the 25th).

Blake Lively can do no wrong. I love to
hate her.

Diane Kruger

Natalie Portman

and Diane Kruger again...

Karlie Kloss in Atelier Versace

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

Rachel Weisz in Narcisco Rodriguez

Emma Stone in Oscar de la Renta

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci - she can do no wrong

Miranda Kerr is making me rethink returning
yesterday's dress

May 18, 2015

What I Wore...and Didn't Wear

This weekend I attended the wedding of a colleague. I was excited for the event (which was gorgeous, as was the bride) and an excuse to buy a new dress (I've been Renting the Runway so my own options were EXTREMELY limited). I stumbled upon this dress from ASOS and it was love at first sight. I love myself a good plunging V.
Saturday afternoon came and I was all ready to go. I'd tried the dress on when it arrived, but didn't have it on for that long. With the crazy humid weather, double-sided tape was not sticking like it needed to and the deep V was a little too risqué for the company of work colleagues. I'm just not sure I can commit to the full side-boob...who do I think I am, J. Lo? 

So, the dress is going back and I called an audible. Enter old-reliable, the black ASOS jumpsuit. 

Paired with old Zara d'orsay pink suede heels, a wicker clutch (similar here and here), and my new earrings from Tuckernuck (they come in six colors - black is next on my "wish list"), I was back in action...without the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction. Dr. B and I had a great evening out and it got me in the spirit for wedding season. We've got one more the end of August!


May 15, 2015

Reading Rainbow

Anyone recognize this?

If you're a child of the 80s, you'll be humming this little ditty all day long. You're welcome. Well, Levar Burton would be so proud of me. I've been on a reading binge and it's awesome! It's like I'm back in Mrs. Larson's 4th grade, furiously devouring the Baby Sitter's Club and Sweet Valley Twins to win the prized award for student that read the most books in a school year. Dr. B got me a Kindle for Christmas and I've read more books in the last 5 months than I read all of 2013 and 2014 combined. All of the books have been based on recommendations from friends. And since I consider all our readers friends, it was only fitting that I pass along the reading love. Here goes.

If you're looking for a fast-paced thrilling page turner, I am Pilgrim is for you. I was a huge fan of Vince Flynn (RIP) and his character Mitch Rapp, and this book is in that same vein.

If you have any interest in sports or history, The Boys in the Boat is a true story about athleticism, triumph and coming together and beating the odds during some incredibly tough times.

All the Light We Cannot See is about a blind French girl and a German boy who are brought together under rare circumstances by the sad perils of World War II.

And finally, a little "chick lit." If you have any interest in England's modern-day monarchy, this fun read from the girls who write Go Fug Yourself should be on your reading list. American girl meets British prince-to-be in The Royal We.

What else should I be reading? 

May 14, 2015

Keeping it Real: Feeling Ugly

I've had this post "topic" in my queue for a while now, and have debated about whether I should even write it. Well, last night as I realized I didn't have a post for today and was short on new ideas, I decided it was time to just do it.

You know that I like to "keep it real", and keeping it real means sharing raw and honest content, even if it means putting myself out there in a vulnerable way.

So here goes. Lately, I have been feeling ugly. Now, please realize that in writing this post I am not looking for everyone to comment and tell me "that I'm crazy and that I am not ugly". That's not the point.

Let me backtrack a bit. It started at the beginning of March when I pulled the back hatch of the car down directly into the bridge of my nose. The blow was hard. It knocked me to my knees. I was lucky not to have broken my nose, but it did leave a big gash and a large scar. Here it is all taped up shortly after the incident.

Since then I've tried to cover up the scar with makeup, but it's nearly impossible. It's the first thing I notice every time I look in the mirror. There it is right between my eyes. And it makes me feel ugly. 

Then, a few weeks ago the Mini Fashionista and her little friend were helping me pump up the stroller tires. Once the tires were filled I bent over to remove the valve, and her little friend pulled the pump right up into the corner of my eye. Blow 2! 

What I see when I look in the mirror are scars, dark circles, a big freckle on my nose that people always mistake for "something on my nose", greasy hair and every little flaw I can come up with.

My mom will surely read this post, and mom, I want to assure you that you did a great job nurturing our self esteem, teaching us what is important and giving us the skills necessary to succeed in a tough world, so don't call me after reading this because you are worried. I promise. I'm good.

So my question...

Why is it that we mostly see the worst in ourselves, the ugly, yet others see the best?
I am a confident person. I'd call my self-esteem, pretty good, but sometimes, I find it hard to see the good, and all I can focus on is the bad.

I'm working on it.

Since you learned earlier this week that I love self-help books, I thought I would share one that is closely related to the topic of this post. This book will soon be making it's way to my bedside table.

It's never too late to boost my own confidence and self esteem. I hope that by working harder to see the good in myself, that I can teach my daughter to do the same.